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Embedding Videos via URL

This is the WordPress way to embed videos. If you not want to be ‘locked in’ and only care about providers WordPress already supports (not responsively and without any customization options) then you can simply enable this plugin and see your videos magically become responsive. If you keep to providers WordPress also supports this means you are not getting ‘locked in’ by ARVE and may at any time delete the plugin and still have your Videos in place (basic unresponsive of course). Any special options and parameters will then be ignored.

To embed a video into a post or page, place its URL into the content area. Make sure the URL is on its own line and not hyper-linked (click-able when viewing the post).

For example: (Note the dash is only to prevent it from happening right here)

Check out this cool video:


That was a cool video.

As a bonus you can add url parameters for ARVE to customize videos. See the supported attributes below.

Recommended Use of Options and Attributes

Shortcode Attributes (Options selected in the ‘Embed Video Dialog’) always override settings on the ARVE settings page. It is recommended that you set the the options Mode, Maximal Video Width, Autoplay … in a way that you want most (if not all) Videos appear on your site. You should only use attributes for settings that are also present on the settings page if you want some videos appear different then general ones rather then declaring this attributes for every single video.

For example if you have set Mode to Normal and Maximal Video Width to 500 the plugins options page, then URLs and Shortcodes will use that options to embed your videos. You can then decide to have a specific videos displayed differently by applying attributes to URLs or Shortcodes.

Embedding via Shortcodes

Press the Embed Video button in your post editor in WordPress and paste the URL or embed code into the field, optionally select options and press Update. You can of course manually write Shortcodes. They have the advantage of being easier to read then URLs and you also can place them everywhere without the need for them to be on their own line, this becomes useful when aligning videos to text. You can also use them inside text widgets to for example put videos in your sidebar.

How to manually write shortcodes:

You pick video URL from YouTube or another supported host and then.

[arve url=""] for parameters you can look below.

If the host is not listed or listed as not supported with URL you need to use the src from a iframe embed code a video host may give out.

[arve url="{iframe src url here}"].

SEO ready Shortcode would be [arve url="" title="Your SEO Title" description="Your SEO Description" upload_date="2016-09-14"]

One thing is a little tricky without a UI: If you need a ID for the thumbnail parameter you can get if from the WP Media Gallery by clicking on the image and looking at the adress bar ../wp-admin/upload.php?item=1234 the number on the end is the ID. So a video with this image as responsive custom thumbnail would be:

[arve url="" thumbnail="1234"]

Do not confuse providers URL-parameters with shortcode attributes when writing Shortcodes.

Wrong:[arve url="" aspect_ratio="3:1" title="0" byline="1" portrait="0" loop="1"]
Right:[arve url="" aspect_ratio="3:1" parameters="title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&loop=1"]

With the exception of autoplayall parameters that control the providers player need to be inside the parameters attribute. This parameters are different based on the provider options. Youtube Parameters, Dailymotion Parameters, Vimeo Parameters. For the actual shortcode attributes that control ARVE look below.

The old style shortcodes like[vimeo id="136395742"] are still supported for backwards comparability but not recommended to use.

Supported Attributes

Note the this table is generated from the plugins code for the shortcode UI dialog, so you have that exact same descriptions inside your WordPress admin

urlPost the URL of the video here. For Brightcove, Comedy Central, Movieweb, Spike, VK and any unlisted video hosts paste their iframe embed codes or its src URL in here (providers embeds need to be responsive).Video URL / iframe Embed Code
modeOptions: normal, lazyload, lazyload-lightbox, link-lightbox
alignOptions: none, left, right, center
promote_linkOptions: yes, no
Shows a small 'ARVE' link below the videos. Be the most awesome person and help promoting this plugin.
thumbnailPreview image for Lazyload modes, always used for SEO. The Pro Addon is able to get them from Alugha, CollegeHumor, Dailymotion, Facebook, Funny or Die, LiveLeak, MPORA, TED Talks, Twitch, Viddler, Vimeo, Yahoo, YouTube, YouTube Playlist automatically.
titleUsed for SEO, is visible on top of thumbnails in Lazyload modes, is used as link text in link-lightbox mode. The Pro Addon is able to get them from CollegeHumor, Dailymotion, Funny or Die, TED Talks, Viddler, Vimeo, Yahoo, YouTube automatically.
descriptionDescription for SEO
upload_dateUpload Date for SEO, ISO 8601 format
durationDuration in this format. 1HJ2M3S for 1 hour, 2 minutes and 3 seconds. 5M for 5 minutes.
autoplayOptions: yes, no
Autoplay videos in normal mode, has no effect on lazyload modes.
maxwidthin px - leave empty to use settings
aspect_ratioCustom aspect ratio like 4:3, 21:9 ... Leave empty for default.
parametersNote this values get merged with values set on the ARVE setting page. Example for YouTube fs=0&start=30. For reference: Youtube Parameters, Dailymotion Parameters, Vimeo Parameters.provider specific parameters
controlslistcontrolsList attribute on <video> for example use nodownload nofullscreen noremoteplayback to hide the download and the fullscreen button on the chrome HTML5 video player and disable remote playback.
mp4.mp4 file url for HTML5 video
webm.webm file url for HTML5 video
ogv.ogv file url for HTML5 video
controlsOptions: no
Show controls on HTML5 video.
loopOptions: yes
Loop HTML5 video.
mutedOptions: yes
Mute HTML5 video.
random_video_urlVimeo Album URL.
hide_titleOptions: yes, no
Usefull when the thumbnail image already displays the video title (Lazyload mode). The title will still be used for SEO.
growOptions: yes, no
Expands video size after clicking the thumbnail (Lazyload Mode)
play_icon_styleOptions: youtube, circle, none

General Iframe Embedding

Generally speaking ARVEs embedding for unlisted providers should be pretty straight forward. Use the src from any <iframe src="this" [...] > embed code in the ARVE shortcode like this [arve url="src_here"] or Paste the iframe embed code in the ‘Embed Video’ dialog and be happy. But there are exceptions.

ARVE supports responsive embedding for any video provider gives out iframe embeds codes that handle resizing well. You can test this by taking the URL from the src attribute of the embed code and open it on your browser then resizing the browser window.

Example embed code a providers may give out:

<iframe src=";height=480" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

There are embed codes that have height and width parameters in the URL as well, specifically speaking about the URL here not the iframe attributes. That is often a bad sign for fixed size embeds. But I also have seen this kinds of embeds work responsively. If they do you should change the dimensions to something that represents the highest possible size you want you embeds to be on your site. If your embed code has a unusual aspect ratio you need to provide that as well. The above example has a 4:3 aspect ratio. Manually creating a arve embed for the above example would be:

[arve url=";height=1024" aspect_ratio="4:3"]

ARVE assumes a URL is a iframe src if ARVE cant detect it see the URL column below.

Feature Table

Video Host Support

The limiting factor of the following features is not ARVE but what the prividers offer.

embed code
SSLRequires FlashAuto Thumbnail
(Pro Addon)
Auto Title
(Pro Addon)
All providers with responsive iframe embed codes
7Comedy Central
10Funny or Die
22TED Talks
39YouTube Playlist
40HTML5 video files directly
All providers with responsive iframe embed codes

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