If you have serious issues with ARVE version 9.x you want to go back to 8.10.28 and ARVE Pro 4.3.0. Please report your issues here.

Method 1: .zip#

  1. Download ARVE version 8.10.28
  2. If you have ARVE Pro need to downgrade it as well. You can find the latest 4.3.0 version under My Account when logged in.
  3. Install ARVE (and ARVE Pro) from .zip

Method 2: WP Rollback (not working for ARVE Pro)#

WP-Rollback is a plugin that lets you – you guessed it – roll back any plugin or theme from wp.org. If you have serious issues with a new ARVE version you can roll back temporary use an older version until your issue is fixed. Please refer to its documentation on how to use it.