How to use#

  1. Add font styles to your collection on
  2. Copy the embed CSS URL:
    google webfont css select

What is does#

Downloads Google Fonts in .woff2 only and creates the exact same directory structure Google has on its static servers.

  1. Downloads a provided .css file from Google Fonts.
  2. Detects all kind of info with a regex.
  3. Copies the fonts requested from cache, or downloads them if new.
  4. Creates an optional -b64.css file with base64 fonts embedded inside the CSS.
  5. Packages files in css/xxxxxx.css and fonts/id/version/xxxxx.woff2.
  6. Packages license files from the original Google repo into the fonts/id/version/xxxxxx.txt.
  7. Creates a .zip for the requested package.
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