• Option to stick the video to the top of the page in small screens in portrait mode. Like for example the YouTube mobile website does.
  • Choose what corner the video will stick to on larger screens. Like seen on many sites for example last.fm
  • Choose the gap between the website border and the video.
Lazyload mode sticks to top-right if clicked
Lazyload mode sticks to top-right if clicked

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In my opinion the plugin works the best together with ARVE Pro and Lazyload because for normal mode the video will be made into a sticky no matter if the user started playing it or not. This is not on purpose to sell more ARVE Pro licenses but a technical limitation because there is no reliable way to detect a click into an iframe.

To test it out, you will see the video above get pinned only when clicked before scrolling past it. While the video below will always get pinned even when it’s never interacted with.

Keep scrolling down …

Keep scrolling down …