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What’s New in ARVE Version 7


  1. Michael 4 years ago

    Where do I write my feedback to the beta testing?

  2. Ana Bilandžija 4 years ago

    Thank You.
    As our old web page was not working proper, we have build a new one using Your plugin.
    Our sencere gratitude for this nice plugin.

    Best regards from Rijeka – Croatia

  3. David 4 years ago

    When I visited your page the body text said

    Version 7 will make use of another plugin Shortcake that adds a What You See Is What You Get interface to the ARVE Error: Element ID could not be build, please report this bug. shortcode. New catch all shortcode: Matt Mullenweg: Keynote QandA – WordCamp Europe 2015. This take urls instead if IDs and chooses …

    When I clicked the page again I got the normal content.

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