You Should Probably Not do Lazyloading like

I just noticed on Rollingstone that they do lazyloading iframes for videos, but they use the same thumbnail for every single video. Not really fond of this behavior. And it gets worse, thumbnails are also lazyloaded and are loaded in pretty late when scrolling and instead of loading the same image it seems despite the images are identical, their URLs are different so the browser loads the same image again and again as if they are different.

You can do it exactly like that with ARVE Pro by setting the same image you upload as a thumbnail for every single video on a page. You can also set a fallback thumbnail to be used. But for video hosts like YouTube, Vimeo … you do not need to do anything. It will pull the thumbnail automatically for you. If Rollingstone had ARVE Pro or a system like it running their writers and editors would not have to do anything but paste YouTube URLs and not end up with the same image for every toplist entry.

With ARVE Pro installed and activated on this site, all I did was set the default mode to Lazyload. Now all I need to do is paste Video URLs into the WP post editor and get automatic thumbnails with titles on them (also lacking on For more into see ARVE Pro.

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