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  • In WordPress 5.5 the feature that was requested 11 years earlier was finally implemented: The ability to update plugins from a .zip file. If you use an earlier WP version you need to delete the plugin you want to upload before you install another version. And this is how you install a new plugin or … Read more

  • I try not to sound to needy with this but it I have been developing these plugins for 8 years and I really have trouble making enough money with the sales from the Pro Addon. The reason partially because I do not do any marketing outside the settings page and page. If you can … Read more

  • The upcoming versions of ARVE and ARVE Pro are already running on this site where I sell the Pro Addon. So I am comfortable enough to use it here. However, the WP ecosystem is very complex with its hundreds of thousands of different themes and plugins and the new hated Block Editor (Gutenberg). Given experiences … Read more