Simple Shortcode for displaying random content on your site. Just wrap the shortcode arround the lines of content you want one to be displayed at random. The blue box below should show random content, try to refresh the page a few times.

Content created the above:

A line with some text in it.
[arve url="" title="A Video Embedded with ARVE" maxwidth="350"]
<strong>A bold line.</strong>
[arve url="" title="A Video Embedded with ARVE" maxwidth="400"]


I developed this plugin because of a feature request from Howard Iken who wanted to randomly display a video with my Advanced Responsive Video Embedder Plugin. After working the entire day/night on a solution that was complicated but working solution that I was about to use as another selling point for the Pro Addon I, at least in in my opinion came up with a way better solution that works not only with videos from ARVE but with every shortcode, text or HTML! Released gratis.

The following Example with display either, one of the two videos or one of the two lines of text, empty lines will ignored.

By default the newline \n character is used to separate content. You can also choose another separator, do this if want newlines be part of random content for example.

[random-content separator="|||"]One|||Two|||Three|||Four[/random-content]

Example of above shortcode: