Regenerate Thumbnails Reminder

A small reminder in your admin area every time a image setting was changed (in media options, through a theme or plugin)

You most likely want to regenerate the thumbnails after this plugin reminds you to do so, if not already done I suggest you install the most used plugin Regenerate Thumbnails for this. This plugin will offer a redirection to Regenerate Thumbnails in the admins reminder notice, but you can use any other plugin you prefer to regenerate thumbnails, just click dismiss when the reminder shows up and then manually navigate to your preferred regenerate plugin.


For most webhosts the usual way:
WP Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> Search `Regenerate Thumbnails Reminder` -> Install -> Activate

Manuall install:
1. Extract the zip file
2. Upload the `regenerate-thumbnails-reminder` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

7 thoughts on “Regenerate Thumbnails Reminder

  1. Laura

    Is there a way to have a vimeo player in wordpress set to auto-play with this plug-in?

      1. Laura

        Oh no-I should have known that.

        What if I just want one video to autoplay? (I really hope this is not a silly question.)

  2. Kyle

    Hey Nico,
    I use your plugin for all the videos on my site and love it.
    The plugin works flawlessly, and if I had to get nit-picky there’s one more thing I’d look for. I was wondering if there is a way to default the videos to HD when I embed them?

    1. nico Post author

      As for Youtube, the URL parameter I use in the plugin has hd=1 inside it, but it seems not to recognize that, even when switching to Fullscreen. On it switches Automatically so HD when going fullscreen. Maybe this has something to do with the nocookie embed. It would be great if you can tell me about URL parameters I could use inside the Plugin to make videos embed in HD.

  3. Kyle

    I’m not too sure, but on my site at least I’d be hoping to accomplish HD embeds with vimeo videos. Vimeo has a little tickbox you can check in the video settings that “Defaults to HD when embedded” but it doesn’t seem to work in the plugin.

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