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Dear ARVE Users and People Interested,

When I started ARVE it was a hobby to learn, but then it grew and grew and became very time consuming. I started to sell it at 10€ or 15€ for single site licenses, gave the Pro add-on away for free, had a VIP option with priority support, a lifetime license, etc. Unfortunately that business model is no longer sustainable and I cannot continue to offer those.

I need to take some steps to make my plugins and theme development sustainable, so I can keep improving the product you all know and love, as well as roll out some exciting new ones for you! So I will be raising prices of ARVE. It looks like prices for people currently on a subscription model stay the same. I will be doing another post with the exact details of anything changes for people currently on an auto subscription model.

I do not claim to work every day on ARVE but I am fully committed to that plugin and am working on a big update for ARVE and ARVE Pro with some exiting new features and improvements!

A company approached me about a huge advertising deal and I actually was super excited about it after digging into the code trying to find out how to implement their ads into my plugin. After taking time to think about it, not so much anymore. They claim publishers can make money with this easy, a system that displays videos and “stories” based on tags and all kinds of data from WordPress. It just something I do not believe in even if I could really use that money. I may write another post about it, subscribe to rss/newsletter if you want to know. I stopped emailing them but not formally declined the offer. At least it showed me something, my plugin with 60k+ installs is actually worth a lot. They even talked about maybe buying it from me at a later point. Let me tell you right now I will not sell this plugin to a f*cking advertising company, or anyone, any time soon just so they can pollute it with ads on the front-end!

I walked into publishing this plugin unprepared and had just a few basic terms written up by myself. This terms where lacking a lot of things and I now have copied and pasted (with permission) the terms from EDD because they fit my idea of a plugin and theme shop very well. In the beginning it was not required to be registered on the site to purchase ARVE so there are people in the database that have no account to log into. If you are one of these Please Register Here and let me know, and I will link the account to your purchase.

It will benefit everyone in the long-run and there will be more motivation for me to develop more ARVE features and add-ons and even the free plugin users who will never buy an add-on will get a better plugin out of it. Also most of you ARVE customers are actually not on an auto subscription model but on a manual one. This auto subscription model makes it possible to plan ahead by assuming most people will not cancel shorty before the next yearly fee will be changed.

I will be releasing a few things in the future:

  • A Video.js add-on for ARVE that brings the popular HTML5 player to ARVE for self-hosted videos. It’s also possible to play YouTube video through it with its controls and without annoying YouTube titles and stuff in their player you may not like. This is something that has been requested quite a lot.
  • A Plugin that makes EDD elements take on bootstrap styles and HTML structures. I use it on my own website, my checkout and my account pages are examples.
  • Theme Framework based on Hybrid Core and Bootstrap 4.0. This is a huge passion project and I think there is some real value in it, especially for theme developers.
  • A random video add-on for ARVE, currently developed for someone who wants to display random videos from a Vimeo album. This way will be first, and then there will be more ways added to display random videos, like by just putting in a list of URLs or letting the plugin get videos form different sources.
  • I also have developed a full-screen image carousel plugin utilizing Bootstrap 4.0. Probably going to release that for free at some point.
  • Possibly a Mycelium Gear Bitcoin Gateway Extension for EDD that I have developed, put many hours into it, even payed a bounty-hunter 50€ to fix a library I used.
  • Being very interested in decentralized technology and crypto currencies and there may be cool things that I could integrate into ARVE. I for example have a half finished Webtorrent extension. The idea to host videos fast at low coast is something I have been asked about. IPFS, Webtorrent, and things like that could be the answer and an ARVE extension that allow to easily let non tech-savvy people host their video in a modern decentralized way for very cheap or even free is something I like to explore, but there are still the themes … you see I have more ideas then time and money to actually build those into reality.

If you are strongly oppose to those new terms or prices please contact me before giving a negative review maybe we can work out some compromise. The new terms allow me to navigate the future better.

I wish you all much success!

Best Regards,

Nicolas Jonas


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    It’s funny reading you. You’re almost exactly who I’d imagined you’d be. 😉
    That said, I want to first thank you for your candor, and second thank you for the update. I’ve been using your plugin for years (ARVE Pro) and it’s been a great, simple addition to every site we’ve built. I do not envy you having to find a more profitable model.

    BUT… (cuz there’s always a but) …I can promise you this isn’t the way you want to do it. I don’t say this because it would cost me more. I say this because the terms set forth will only frighten the average WordPress user who has already been taken by so many “Plug-in Developers”. And there’s no need for it.

    You’ve been honest about this issue which I think is really good (thought maybe not so good for business), but you’ve also been inside the proverbial bottle for so long the solution(s) you need may be more difficult for you.

    I’ve enjoyed your work and that fact that you’re NOT one of those developers that is looking justify a quick score. You’ve taken a lot of time and it shows. I’ll bet there are a handful of your users that read your post and are thinking, “Shit! What can we do to help?”

    I’ll try to think on solutions that are oriented to your obvious goals but far less destructive to your products’ legacy.
    You’ll be fine. 🙂

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      Thanks for your reply Jon,

      It looks like people on the auto subscription model will actually not be charged more the next round. At least its not listed that way in the EDD Subscriptions page. I should have figured this out before making this post. But I will consider finding out if I can increase it. Or let people approve it, something like that.

      “will only frighten the average WordPress user” so what do you propose I should do?

      With “destructive to your products’ legacy” you are scaring me now. I mean the EDD people are killing it with those terms: Terms like this never read great but they are needed to serious businesses to cover themselves from anything people may want you to account for. To me reading terms like that it not scary because I know why they are there. Also the refund policy is now actually better for people, it was just 14 days and now its 30. Maybe I simplify it a little bit to just “30 days no questions asked” But what they put in there makes actually a lot sense to me. People get support and a GPL 3.0 plugin that can do almost whatever they want its not so much change. There may be things coming up in the future, I do not plan to make this terms scarier or worse, probably the opposite. Also I do plan to inform people about changes to those terms. Even if they say I can just change it like that. Its just legalese so people can not claim they have not been informed about changes. I seen that pretty much everywhere. It is a starting point, maybe you are right and I should change them a bit.

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    Luis Augusto Apaestegui Muñoz

    Personally I see your project with a lot of potential, but you are limiting a lot, you can sell your add on would be very accepted if you made some changes, like putting skin on the player by default, give a different look, it would be nice to see your plugin with a skin jwplayer, HTML5, which accepts videos iframe and prevent open advertising windows, many users dedicated to pages of movies would buy your plugin immediately.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. The problem I have with codecanion is things like this They either bully you into exclusively sell with them or they take a even bigger cut out of your products. I want to establish my own shop I really like to be independent. Also I don’t know how licensing, support, updates and all that stuff works there. I have to split everything I guess. I will have another look at it but I know of many stories of people who started there and eventually moved away. My thought it I had better months then those mentioned above. And as mentioned I will be releasing a new video.js extension then is a different player/skin like jwplayer.

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    You should definitely raise prices to what you need to make a profit. Then keep doing what you have already done: support the hell out of the plugins and keep improving them. Makes sense to me.

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