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Page showing the issue: https://prep.primetestprep.com/1vp/

Neo, in a prior post you said: “I do not think lightbox mode is very well suited for mobile devices or small screens. I could actually make them load like normal lazyload on small screens, so users can then just to full-screen if they like for a better experience. What do you think?”

That might be a great solution but to make sure I understand, how would that work differently than using lightbox would work now or using lazyload would work now.  What I know now is that when play is it with light box – it is great because it centers and plays the video using most of the full screen, but again the problem with it hard to make it go TRUE full screen as that Icon is hidden in i-phones.  I like lazyload, but when you hit play it doesn’t automatically make it the same kind of full screen that you have for lighbox mode. What would be the result if you made lightbox load like normal lazyload that you mentioned? If you were able to have an option where lightbox opened like lazyload BUT still took up most of the screen like it does, centered, that would be great.  BTW, lazyload goes auto (True) fullscreen on teh iphones I’ve tried which is great. Thanks again!!!  

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Please show me a screenshot of a hidden fullscreen icon.

I don’t know how to put a screen shot in your support section, BUT I took one and uploaded it to this webpage with an explanation: https://prep.primetestprep.com/elementor-5823/

This unfortunately is just how the YouTube player is on iPhones the title should fade away after a while you may have to tap somewhere else. I actually do not have an IPhone to test this on. I can not change anything about that, not sure why they display the full screen btn in the top left corner.

Well, when the title fades, and you touch the screen to find the “full screen”button, the title comes up again, once again covering the full screen icon, so no luck. It has something to do with the lightbox because when it lazyloads, the screen goes TRUE full screen on I-phones, automatically so no issue. And when I tried the i-phone using youtube’s app it shows the Full screen icon in bottom left. So, I really want to use light box because it centers the vid and plays it almost full screen, but what would happen differently if you had lightbox load like lazyload, like you mentioned before?

The YouTube app is something completely different, you can not compare that so the website player. But it seems like this is about the “go fullscreen on open lightbox” setting. That actually triggers the website itself to go into fullscreen mode. And iOS seems to display the fullscreen button not the normal way because it already is in a fullscreen mode. Possible to the way it actually displays it to EXIT FS What I can do from my end is not much … so in landscape you can reach it? And it will make the video go fullscreen?

Ok – thanks so much for your responses Nico! Everything is great with your product, just for some crazy reason apple is putting it’s Full screen button in the upper right. So what I might do is figure out how to have webpages that have a a portrait vid use your lazyload (As that works fine in i-phones and can get a portrait full screen, and then use the lightbox in everything else which brings up ONE LAST question for you: Do you have a description of how to make different pages use different settings in ARVE Pro, like ONE page do a lazy load and another page do lightbox?? Thanks again – LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!

PS: Last comment (Upper LEFT, not Upper right)

Thanks, I am glad you like it. I try to do some more in depth testing on various iPhones on a cloud service for that, so I do need to buy all the models. I am still no clear if my assumptions are true or not as you skipped over some of my questions. But I noticed something about your video and that is that fact that YouTube seems to not report back the correct aspect ratio for these vertical videos. The thumbnail and the beginning shows some fade in/out of a bigger picture. I am not sure if that is some effect YouTube creates or if it was you or the a software you used, but the video seems to up uploaded with the right video resolution. I should know this but I do not. I searched a few other vertical videos and saw the same thing. It seems youtube purposefully wants embeds to show with this huge black bars. I tested setting the aspect_ratio manually to 9:16. You can see that here https://nextgenthemes.com/test-page/ I recommend that for vertical filmed videos. I limited to width to show it off better on desktops because ARVE limits the high to the screen height.

Nico – that worked and is SO MUCH better ( making the aspect 9:16) for making the portrait vid show on most of the screen – thanks for that link! BUT, one thing I noticed, and don’t know if you have any control over it, but when lightbox activates in my Android the address bar disappears making the lightbox almost true full screen, BUT in i-phone, the address bar does not disappear the same way limiting the lightbox’s ability to get the full screen. I took 3 screenshots and put them on this page if you want to see: https://prep.primetestprep.com/elementor-6084/
If there were a way to make apple behave like android that would be great but I bet each one has it’s unique specs.

Fullscreen is actually not supported by Apple on phones just on iPads. https://caniuse.com/fullscreen see point 5. IMO the smaller the screen gets the more they benefit from it, I don’t know Apples reasoning for this, but I can’t change it.