WordFence scan on my site said: File contains suspected malware URL: wp-content/plugins/arve-pro/public/class-mobile-detect.php
That suspected URL is   // Vonino Tablets – http://www.vonino.eu/tablets  in the above listed file
When I went to vonino google definitely gives a malware warning and won’t open the page.
Will you be fixing your file arve-pro/public/class-mobile-detect.php so that link is no longer there?  I have already deleted in my copy, but I think you should also make this change.
Thanks and I look forward to your reply.

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It is a 3rd party library as the name suggests its for detecting mobile browsers. It contains this link for some reason but it will never open it, display it or lead visitors to it. Its just detecting browsers based on the user agent string. I think Wordfence approach to this is to aggressive for this case as there is no risk coming from this file even if it contains some URL in it that points to a website that supposedly had malware on it. If I guessed this right. So a URL string in some file is NOT = Malware. Anyway I will be updating that library soon and also remove that string to satisfy WordFence and other potential malware scanners.

I hear you loud and clear. Sometimes scanners like you say are too aggressive in their approach being that it is computer generated. When I looked at the file in question, I thought the same thing—it doesn’t lead anyone to that site, it’s just a reference.
I did remove that one line though like I stated before to satisfy the computer scanner. Thanks for your reply Nico!!!