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Tried with default theme: NA

Tried with all other plugins disabled: NA

Browser version: NA

Shortcode/URL with the issue: NA

Page showing the issue: https://followjesusnotwolves.com/

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I just paid for a one year subscription for one website for AVRE Pro and I have my license key. Where do I enter it in the settings so the Pro features will be availble? I cannot find it. Thank you. 

Nico Answered question March 24, 2022

I found the pro versions and downloaded them. However, none of the versions are showing in my wordpress settings after installing and activating. (The non-pro version of AVRE did show in my settings.) As an FYI, my site is running WordPress 5.9.2 with the TextBook theme, andI have the “WP Video Lightbox” plugin active. Thank you for your help, Scott.