Hello Nico,

Great product! When I embed a video in a post (using lazyload-light as my default) I don’t get the video embedded. Instead it just seems to be continually loading. I’ve included a screenshot that shows what the screen looks like. A black progress bar continues to move from left to right as if it is loading the video yet it never does load video. It simply continues the black bar progress. Do you know what might be causing this? It seems to have something to do with the update. You’re the pro though.


Thanks and continue the great work,


Well I use a 3rd party plugin for this functionality and begin to regret that, not only for the fact that it causes this issue but the wordpress.org version is not updated for 11 months now. But is being promoted “WP Feature testing, potentially landing in WP core”. You are not the first to have this issue, but I never seen it myself. Thanks for the screenshot, now I understand the other issue with hard to understand English better. Does it work on the text editor? You could try downgrading to the wp.org version of shortcake UI if you installed the 0-7-0-alpha from my site. (delete and install https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcode-ui/). But that version has a issue that the button needs to be pressed twice.

Hi Nico, I installed the shortcake UI you suggested. I don’t know which button needs to be pressed twice to make it work. Would you please tell me? I tried publish twice…that wasn’t it. Thanks, John

I think you misunderstood something, I never said pressing any button twice will make your issue go away. The “Embed Video” needs to be pressed twice (I think only after closing the shortcode dialog once) with that version, that was the reason I provided people with the 0.7.0 alpha. I had this idea that the older version may not have this issue. What does actually happen of you publish a post like this? Is the video then visible on the frontend? Because the WYSIWYG feature is just a nice gimmick but not really needed for ARVE to work. Does your “Embed Video” button work? Try switching over to the text editor, do you see the [arve] shortcodes there? If yes to both of those question then my answer to this at this point woudl be “Ignore this for now”

Hi Nico!, I just went back to using ARVE 6.5 as that seems to work better. Thanks for the help but I couldn’t get the other suggestions you made working. I love the plugin: old or new! By the way should I get the upgraded pro plugin to get the latest ARVE to work? Thanks, John

You did not say anything about my last suggestion. You did not answer the questions if the plugin actually worked or not. Like on the frontend and if the shortcodes showed up on the text editor. My guess is they were so there was no reason for you to downgrade since the old version does not have this feature showing videos inside the editor at all. My suggestion was “ignore it for now”. I just recently saw your issue myself and then later saw it working in latest beta. I am not sure what I changed but it worked. If you want to install that and try you can do so. https://nextgenthemes.com/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder-pro/help-testing-the-beta-version/ What do you mean by “upgraded pro plugin”. If you downgraded then no you should not get a new pro Addon even if your admin shows you one because that won’t work with the old version. Then you need the from the “old arve pro” link in your account.

Hi Nico, The shortcodes showed up on text editor but when I went to preview it no video appeared, therefore, I did not publish the post. I tried the github download through WordPress but received an error I wasn’t running the latest PHP through my host. I checked my Bluehost PHP and indeed I am running the latest PHP. (5.7?) That didn’t work. What I mean by upgrading to latest pro plugin is this: If I have updated to the ARVE 7.7.0 (Github Updater only)- which did not work for me- would I need to update to the latest PRO plugin. You still have the best plugin whether old or new but the old version seems to be all that is working for me now.