Tried with default theme: No

Tried with all other plugins disabled: No

Browser version: Chrome 78

Page showing the issue: https://www.myfloridalaw.com/dads-in-divorce-now-more-than-just-a-wallet/

Good morning.  I did some random checks of content and discovered some of my pages on www.myfloridalaw.com were not displaying properly. They were showing an error message.  The entire page showed the message: “This site is experiencing technical difficulties”   The header and footer still displayed, just the content was missing.  I have a screenshot if you need.

My hosting service, WPEngine told me they were seeing your plugin throw off error messages. Here is what they said:

I am seeing an excessive amount of errors coming from the advanced-responsive-video-embedder plugins 363 PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/nas/content/live/myfloridalaw3/wp-content/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder/vendor/autoload.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear/php:/usr/share/php’) in /nas/content/live/myfloridalaw3/wp-content/plugins/arve-random-video/arve-random-video.php on line 98

The problem disappeared when I disabled both the pro plugin and the basic plugin.  Until this moment I was on your latest version.

I still had a copy of a prior release.  8.10.13 and 4.30.   I downgraded to the old versions and that solved the issue.

What was interesting is that many of the affected pages (at least 20 pages where affected) did not have an embedded video.  I only notices wordpress posts affected, not pages.  But I could be wrong on that because we have a lot of pages.


Answered question

Hello Howard. Did you update to a alpha version? Did you see admin messages asking you to update for the pro addon 5.0.0-alphaX? Or did you manually update to one? I currently am in the process of getting alpha versions out for testing only. But its not ready. I removed it but alpha version will appear later under “my-account” but auto updates should not updated to them. They are only for testing. First alpha testing, then beta testing and then release at some point. The main plugin was never higher then 8.10.13 on wp.org so not sure if WP Engines auto updated you to some some broken development version from Github or something like that?

Sorry – it was actually 4.2.6 and 8.10.13 that I was on. I reinstalled 8.10.6 and 4.2.6 and the issue disappeared.