Web Browser version you see the issue in: Safari, Firefox, Chrome (all on Mac OS X)

Link to test page on live site with the issue (do not change after posting): https://www.martinbaileyphotography.com/namibia-photography-tour/

Shortcode(s) or URL(s) you used for embedding and have problems with: [vimeo id=”166303330″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” aspect_ratio=”16:9″ maxwidth=”1100″]

Detailed Description of the issue:

What you are expecting and what you are seeing instead?

I don’t want my videos to autoplay when a page loads.

Since updating ARVE this morning (Nov 30, 2016) whenever I load a page with a video on it, it starts to play automatically. On the page I’ve linked to I have autoplay=”no” in the shortcode, and I have autoplay set to No in the plugin settings.

I need to know how to stop this from happening or if it’s a bug introduced in the latest build, please fix it.

ARVE Version: 7.9.20
ARVE-Pro Version: 3.6.4
WordPress Version: 4.6.1
PHP Version: 7.0.13

a3 License Manager: 1.0.2
Advanced Database Cleaner: 2.0.0
Ajax Edit Comments: 5.0.37
Akismet: 3.2
ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder: 7.9.20
ARVE Pro Addon: 3.6.4
Atom Default Feed: 1.1
BugMeBar: 1.0.4
Easy FancyBox:
Easy FancyBox – Pro extension: 1.5.3
Force Regenerate Thumbnails: 2.0.6
Formidable: 2.02.10
Formidable Locations: 2.01
Formidable MailChimp: 1.06
Formidable Signature field: 1.09
Google Analytics by MonsterInsights Pro: 5.5.3
Hustle: 1.1.2
Jetpack by WordPress.com: 4.4.1
LayerSlider WP: 6.0.6
MBP Exchange Rate Updater: 0.1
MBP WordPress Custom Functions: 0.2
Monarch Plugin: 1.3.2
Post Snippets: 2.5.3
Relevanssi Premium:
Smart Podcast Player: 2.0.3
SpeakPipe – Voicemail for Websites: 0.2
Testimonials: 1.5.4
Ultimate Branding: 1.8.2
Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget: 2.7.2
WangGuard: 1.7.2
WooChimp: 2.1
WooCommerce: 2.6.8
WooCommerce Bulk Discount: 2.4.2
WooCommerce Cart Notices: 1.6.0
WooCommerce Helper: 1.7.2
WooCommerce Multilingual: 3.9.5
WooCommerce Name Your Price: 2.4.2
WooCommerce PDF Invoices: 3.2.5
WooCommerce Product Add-ons: 2.7.25
WooCommerce Product Sort and Display PRO: 1.7.4
WooCommerce Social Login: 2.0.2
WooCommerce Subscriptions: 2.1.0
WooCommerce Taxamo: 1.2.7
WooCommerce URL Coupons: 2.4.1
WP-DBManager: 2.78
WPBakery Visual Composer: 5.0.1
WP Crontrol: 1.3.1
WP Defender:
WPML Media: 2.1.23
WPML Multilingual CMS: 3.6.0
WPML String Translation: 2.5.0
WPML Translation Management: 2.2.5
WPMU DEV Dashboard: 4.2
WP Rocket: 2.8.23
WP Smush Pro: 2.5.2
Yoast SEO Premium: 3.9
YOURLS Link Creator: 2.1.1

ARVE Pro Options:

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