Since the update the videos are opening below the footer instead of the lightbox on IE9

What is “the update”? I need a version numbers.

Sorry ARVE 7.5.1 ARVE Pro 2.5.1 Here is the site https://ncretiree.com Only happening on IE9 that I’ve seen

Thanks, next version has a yet another new lazyload method, that maybe fixes this. Need to investigate this. I never have given out any official supported browsers but I try to support IE9 if its not to hard to do.

Understood, let me know if there is anything I can look at for you. Thank you.

In fact you can, by installing the beta and testing it that works. I have tested it shortly in a virtual machine and can confirm the issue on your site but also my development code is working fine. https://nextgenthemes.com/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder-pro/help-testing-the-beta-version//