It appears that shortcodes don’t work within WooCommerce product categories for some reason.

Any recommendations on getting anything to work from within the content area?
I appreciate any tips you’ve got. This is driving me nuts. LOL!


Debug info:

ARVE Version: 8.9.8
ARVE-Pro Version: 4.1.0
WordPress Version: 4.9.8
PHP Version: 5.6.35

3D FlipBook: 1.9.10
Advanced Messages for WooCommerce: 1.3.3
Advanced Woo Search PRO: 1.26
Akismet Anti-Spam: 4.0.8
ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder: 8.9.8
ARVE Pro Addon: 4.1.0
Better User Search: 1.1.1
Broken Link Checker: 1.11.5
Genesis Connect for WooCommerce: 1.0
Genesis Footer Builder: 1.3.3
Genesis Grid: 1.4.2
Gravity Forms: 2.3.4
Import users from CSV with meta:
Imsanity: 2.4.0
InfiniteWP – Client: 1.8.5
Master Slider Pro: 3.2.7
Popup Maker: 1.7.30
Redirection: 3.5
Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening: 1.8.18
Tawk.to Live Chat: 0.3.4
Touchy, by Bonfire: 2.8
Transient Cleaner: 1.5.6
Under Construction: 1.18
User Role Editor: 4.46
User Switching: 1.4.0
WC Fields Factory: 3.0.3
WC Password Strength Settings: 2.0.2
WooCommerce: 3.4.5
WooCommerce Advanced Shipping: 1.0.13
WooCommerce MailChimp: 2.1.12
WooCommerce Prices By User Role: 3.2
WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite: 1.10.20
WooCommerce Products Visibility: 2.3
WooCommerce Stripe Gateway: 4.1.10
WooCommerce WishLists: 2.1.11
WooSidebars: 1.4.5
WPFront User Role Editor: 2.14.1
WP Mail SMTP: 1.3.3

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Just ARVE shortcodes or all shortcodes?

Sorry, never used WooCommerce, I use EDD. But you should ask their support. My guess is its pretty trivial. Like adding the do_shortcode filter to something, just a code snippet inside a mu-plugin. I just can’t tell you because I do not know WooCommernce.

Please disregard.
I’ve figured out what was going on. WooCommerce, at least when used with Genesis, doesn’t include shortcode support for archive intro text by default.

I resolved that by enabling it for both the archive description and intro text which resolved the issue.

Note that this does NOT work with simple link conversion.

// Term Archive Intro Text
add_filter( ‘genesis_term_intro_text_output’, ‘do_shortcode’ );
// Term Archive description
add_filter( ‘term_description’, ‘shortcode_unautop’);
add_filter( ‘term_description’, ‘do_shortcode’ );