Tried with default theme: No

Tried with all other plugins disabled: No

Browser version: Doesn´t matter

Page showing the issue: http://youth4planet.loc/videos/

This actually isn’t about a bug but more of a development question.

I want to use ARVE Pro to ONLY load thumbnails for the videos via PHP to build a plugin on top of it for my client. I looked in the code but I can’t really figure it out, so I figured I might just ask you.

Currently I am doing something like this:

$shortcode = ‘[arve maxwidth=”300″ play_icon_style=”none” mode=”lazyload” url=”‘.$video_url.'” hide_title=”yes” title=”‘.$post_title.'”‘;

$shortcode .= ” /]”;
$shortcode = apply_filters( “the_content”, $shortcode );
echo $shortcode;

In CSS I am hiding the load-button and wrap my custom anchor around it.
It’s working but far from elegant.

Is there a way to for example do something like this using ARVE Pro?

$thumbnail_url = arve_get_thumbnail(“http://youtube.com/546572427”, $maxwidth = 300);

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