I upgraded ARVE Pro, then my website went down. Here’s the error message I get when I try to access my website:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare arve_pro_action_admin_notices() (previously declared in /home/afib7678/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder/admin/functions-licensing.php:415) in /home/afib7678/public_html/wp-content/plugins/MTQ3NzQyNjMxOTo2ZWRkZDNjMDc2OWFlMDMzOWVkYWUxZmExYjc4OGUxZToxMjUzOjk4NGI5ZDg2NWE1ODkxMWIzMjk0OWE5OThlOTU2NDRkOmh0dHBALy9hLWZpYi5jb20-iscq4e/shared/functions-licensing.php on line 117

My website hosting service has not yet figured out how to clear this problem; Can you offer any advice to help them (SiteGround.com)?

Patti Ryan


You seem to have this ‘MTQ3NzQyNjMxOTo2ZWRkZDNjMDc2OWFlMDMzOWVkYWUxZmExYjc4OGUxZToxMjUzOjk4NGI5ZDg2NWE1ODkxMWIzMjk0OWE5OThlOTU2NDRkOmh0dHBALy9hLWZpYi5jb20-iscq4e’ named folder in your plugins directory for some strange reason. Please delete that folder on your server and reinstall the newest arve/arve-pro versions.

Great to get such a quick reply from you folks. This has been a strange episode, My hosting service found nothing in the folder, and had to roll back my site to yesterday’s backup. Question: do I need to uninstall ARVE plugin, then reinstall? If so, will that mess up all the pages with videos on them? – Patti Ryan