Suddenly, in the last 2 days the 1000 videos on my site are not playing????

It seems that imbedded videos play ok but popups are not.



This problem was on my employees computer yesterday no matter what we did.  Now today on my computer, too.

I notice the problem is not on my other site???  jazzakio.com


My iphone runs everything fine.


Help quickly please,




You ignored the instructions so its almost impossible to help you. What is the reason you put multiple question marks behind statements? Are you asking me something? Are you asking yourself something? What is different on your other site? It not uses the same plugins/settings/theme I guess so there could be a starting point for you. Also you can try the beta or ARVE and ARVE Pro that will be release soon and many things work differently there, it may or may not work. https://nextgenthemes.com/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder-pro/help-testing-the-beta-version/

Just saw that your site has JavaScript errors and a security policy error. jQuery, the worlds most used JavaScript library is missing on your site, its bundled with WordPress and should be loaded by ARVE and possibly other plugins. That is causing the lightboxes and others stuff to fail!

Thank you so much. I’ll have someone check it out. Thanks again, Katalina