I use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-roles-and-capabilities/ to manage user role
If I set the user to author role, the user can insert your plugin in the post and publish there is the notification: ARVE error: Wrapper ID cloud not be build, please report this bug.
And there isn’t url in text view

If I set the user to editor role, the use can inserts the plugin and the video can play
Now I want to set the user in author role to limit the user role. Please help me

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Go to the textview and tell me what exact shortcodes are generated and how they are different depending on user role.

https://qsnapnet.com/snaps/it2a2khgacsaif6 here is image with the author role

You did not do what I asked you to do. The shortcode the sceenshot shows does not have any URL inside it. So did you paste a URL when using that dialog? Will it be removed when used with a different user role? You probably forgot to paste it thats all.

Here is the url which I add in image https://qsnapnet.com/snaps/d31w7pq1ctcyds4

I input the url iframe type

The source url in the first video of news: http://soha.vn/thai-lan-phoi-bay-tu-huyet-sau-tran-dau-bi-don-ep-den-nghet-tho-20180601074945642.htm

I always add this url iframe type. The video can add and play with the higher role such as editor, administrator

OK this site gives people a iframe embed codes without the quotes around some attributes. This is very weird and ARVE does not account for that. Still now get why this apparently works for admins but what you need to to is put the url from the src of the embed code and put it in the url atrribute from the shortcode not the entire embed code just whats behind src= until the space.