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ARVE Version:      7.9.5
ARVE-Pro Version:  3.2.7
WordPress Version: 4.6.1
PHP Version:       5.6.20-0+deb8u1


Dear Nico,


Sorry to bother you. But I can not view thumbnails on the self hosted videos. Hosted videos ( e.g. on youtu.be) works fine, but not my setup.

Following your guide for beta, ships me into older versions of the Pro Addon (arve-pro-3.1.9-beta.zip), see https://nextgenthemes.com/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder-pro/documentation/how-to-embed-self-hosted-html5-video-with-arve/


on github you have only the master branch available, so this guide wont work too:



A few days ago you closed:


but that didn t helped me.


Please update the guide to get thumbnail and lazyload working for self hosted videos.




Thanks for testing this EXPERIMENTAL feature. Also thinks for reminding me to remove “beta” from the guide as this landed in the general versions now. Your link actually links to the support site not to a actual thread. At this point there are no beta versions that are higher then the wp.org released version. If you have the Github updater installed it will however updater to the latest tagged release on github (master branch) if I would release it there before releasing it wordpress.org but at this point I am not doing this. So you have the latest versions (at the time of writing) installed and it short work with the right shortcode. You also not give me a shortcode you use so I know not what you are doing. “But I can not view thumbnails on the self hosted videos.” is yet another horrible report sorry. I need a test site link, a actual shortcode and a more detailed description of your issue. Front-end? Back-end? I have setup 3 different shortcode, I have the setting to take over the [video] shortcode enabled on this site. See https://nextgenthemes.com/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder-pro/examples/self-hosted-video/. So it works perfectly fine for me. See the shortcodes I used on this page at the bottom.