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Hi, i’ve read this before on the support questions, and it said you may implement it.

Schema is very important now, and when displaying a youtube channel (as opposed to a specific video) the plugin does not retrieve the upload date from youtube to include in the schema. It would be great if it did, as otherwise we have to default to a set date which isnt the date of the video itself.

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Especially for YouTube I do not think its important. Google has a 99% search engine dominance and Youtube is owned by Google. Google know everything about everyone. So do you think you need to tell them when the videos they host them-selves are uploaded? I do not think its important. I do think people think it is because some Google robots tell them it is. It may be for self hosted videos and videos hosted on other providers. Schema data is mainly for search engines. I might be wrong, I do not know how exactly Google uses this data but this is where I am at now and this is still low priority for me as I am working on version 9 that brings a lot of enhancements and improved code. If some people could lobby providers to actually include the date and description in the oembed data that would make things super easy and I would have have that feature ready in a few days. https://yerl.org/oM2wx