URL or Shortcode with the issue: http://www.havelmond.film/concepts-of-reality/ Reverted to previous version of ARVE and ARVE pro to keep the site funcitonal
Link to live site with the issue: http://havelmond.film Reverted to previous version to keep the site funcitonal
Detailed Description of the issue:

After updating from ARVE 6.5.0 to 7.5.1 and ARVE Pro from 1.6.4. to 2.5.1 the page with the video on does not display anything but the headline. Also the admin toolbar does not display. I use a twenty-fifteen child theme and I have the same issue with the twenty-fifteen wordpress standard theme. I also de-activated all other plugins but the result is the same.

What you are expecting?
The page with the video on with the admin toolbar.

and what you are seeing instead?
Just the page header and the headline.

ARVE Version:      7.5.1
ARVE-Pro Version:  2.5.1
WordPress Version: 4.6.1
PHP Version:       5.3.29

Advanced Database Cleaner: 2.0.0
All in one Favicon: 4.3
Antispam Bee: 2.6.9
ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder: 7.5.1
ARVE Pro Addon: 2.5.1
Auto Excerpt everywhere: 1.5
Contact Form 7: 4.5.1
Contact Form 7 – PayPal Extension: 2.3
Contact Form 7 Honeypot: 1.9
Contact Form 7 Modules: Hidden Fields: 2.0
Contact Form 7 Modules: Send All Fields: 2.0
Daily Stat: 1.5.5
EP Social Widget: 1.5.1
Events Manager:
Events Manager and WPML Compatibility: 1.0.1
Fancybox Plus: 1.0.1
Inline Spoilers: 1.2.5
Login With Ajax: 3.1.6
PayPal Form: 1.1.54
Scroll to Anchor: 0.4.1
Shortcake (Shortcode UI): 0.6.2
Social Profiles Sidebar Widget: 1.9.1
Statify: 1.4.3
SumoMe: 1.19
Typekit: 1.2.3
Wordfence Security: 6.2.0
WP-Optimize: 1.9.1
WPML CMS Nav: 1.4.19
WPML Media: 2.1.23
WPML Multilingual CMS: 3.5.3
WPML Sticky Links: 1.4.0
WPML String Translation: 2.4.2
WPML Translation Analytics: 1.0.7
WPML Translation Management: 2.2.4
Yoast SEO: 3.6
Zendesk Help Center by BestWebSoft: 1.0.3
Zendesk Support for WordPress: 1.6.6

array(4) {
string(26) “#arve-settings-section-pro”
string(8) “lazyload”
array(0) {
array(5) {
string(45) “logo=0&hideInfos=1&related=0&forcedQuality=hd”
string(29) “layout=4&height=340&width=560”
string(21) “wmode=transparent&v=3”
string(35) “html5=1&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0”
string(45) “logo=0&hideInfos=1&related=0&forcedQuality=hd”

ARVE Pro Options:
array(1) {
string(5) “valid”

If you revert back then I can not debug your problem, also your current site is not working even with old version, the JavaScript triggers on the play buttons are missing, when I click a video thumbnail nothing happens.

There may be a caching issue, try deleting your cache.

I see it. There was a bunch of updates, one of them probably caused this situation. I am now reverting to before all the uptades and I’ll do the updates one by one and re-check. If I find the culprit this way I will then do the ARVE updates again and see what happens next.

Now I have reverted the site to before the updates and deactivated all plugins. It worked as before. Then I have installed shortcake and done the updateds of ARVE and ARVE PRO. The video pages are broken, all I see is the site header and the headline. As this is my business site I can’t leave it like this. I wil now revert ARVE and ARVE pro and activate all the outdated plugins. Then I will update the other plugins one by one to see where the javascript error with the video player comes from.

Now all the plugins I need are back on and updated, except for ARVE and ARVE pro which are reverted. The videos are playable now. Unfortunately I don’t know which was the culprit, it may have been as you said a caching problem. Could the php version I use be a problem?

I don’t think so no. Still we have php 7.0 now and you should consider switching to a host who has modern php. Even WordPress recommends 5.6 https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/

I have switched to PHP 7 and then updated the two ARVES. They work very well now. The outdated php version was the culprit. Thank you very much for your help. I will explore the new possibilities now!

Well thank you! Any chance you can check our php error logs from earlier? I need some automatic testing for the plugin. I recently removed “Late Static Bindings” a feature that introduced in php 5.3 but is not really needed for this. The person reporting this was running a PHP version even below 5:3 (5.2 I think) and was able to use the plugin without problems after I removed that feature so I am curious whats in the plugin that only newer PHP versions can do.

I am not sure where to look for these php error logs. Are they stored within WordPress or do I have to look on my server?

On your server, it depends what kind of server or host you have. For shared hosts its sometimes a file near where your WordPress files are like the same or a parent folder. php-error.log or a name like that. You could find out where php writes your error log with phpinfo(); if you cant find it. To do this securely you could use this plugin to show it to you in the admin https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-php-info/. I have not used it but it look straight forward. You can delete it after.