Tried with default theme: No

Tried with all other plugins disabled: no

Browser version: Chrome, Firefox..

Shortcode/URL with the issue: Any vimeo url from my vimeo account


I am running 8.10.28 version and it works pretty well. But, I have tried several 9.x.x versions and no one seems to work. I mean, the video is missing. Only the url can be found in the post. It is like vimeo url was a simple phrase.

It doesnt work also in backgroud editor. 

More info:  the vimeo urls only can be shown in my webpage.

But, as I have commented, the untill 8.10.28 (included) everything works fine.

I am interested in Pro features (lazy one seems to be interesting) but I suppose that pro options doenst fix this issue.

Any solution?

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You did not try with 1. Plugins disabled 2. default theme. 3. Did not provide your site to inspect the issue. 4. not specify how exactly you embed the videos. Classic editor URL on their own line? 5. not provide the debug info from the settings page.

I can not help you like that, I am not psychic, sorry.