The Black Studio TinyMCE Widget provides a TinyMCE visual editor for widget areas. It looks and works just like the WordPress editor because it uses the TinyMCE engine.

The previous version of ARVE (before the Big Change) came to work with the Black Studio (it didn’t initially). The new version does nothing if the “embed video” button is pressed.

I know this will be a low-priority item, but it would be a great convenience to my clients and me if you could get it fixed.

Do you have shortcake UI installed? Did you asked the author(s) of Black Studio TinyMCE Widget about this? Their plugin is probably not comportable with shortcake UI.

Thanks for your prompt reply! Yes, I have Shortcake version 7x installed. I will be contacting the Black Studio plugin’s developers about the issue this afternoon. I thought I would contact you first since you are much more accessible than they are.