Hi, mode lazyload-lightbox not working for Youku Video.

If mode lazyload only, it works.

test page click on 2nd image.

Edited: Suprisingly, it works in Ipad and not in Firefox for lazyload-lightbox Youku video. Could it be a bug?

Could be a bug yeah, does the same thing work with YouTube. I want to figure out if this has anyhting to do with yYouku.

I have added the youtube video (last video), no issue with ipad but have yet to try on firefox and others yet. Will let you know if there is issue on youtube too or just for youku video later of the day. Out of the question, do you know where can we find the browser usage statistic for each country and something that I have not ask before, what would happen if the browser (legacy) does not support the lightbox or video? Thanks

My results: Chrome: No problem for all videos in lightbox. IE: No problem for all videos in lightbox. Firefox: Only problem with Youku video others have no problems. So it is specifically for Firefox only.