Tried with default theme: No

Tried with all other plugins disabled: No

Browser version: All iPhones

Page showing the issue: https://nextgenthemes.com/#lightbox

This is even happening on your main site’s Lightbox example. When you use the lightbox or link to lightbox the iphone user can’t play the video. They click on the lazyloaded player and the popup is just a blackbox with a loading circle that never stops. I have tested this on multiple iphones in chrome with the same issues. No issues on my Samsung thought.

Edited comment

You are wrong about “all iPhones”. I tested some and not sure, but it seems some older models work, but newer ones do not. What exact iPhones and browser versions do you see this issue? Is it happening on both lightbox examples on nextgenthemes.com (the link and the thumbnail)? Please try with Vimeo and sandbox disabled and report if you have the same issue then.

Yes it is happening on both the site’s examples. Also it also doesn’t work with Vimeo. It does seem to work in Safari but NOT Chrome.

Tested iPhones:
+ iphone 11 ios14.4, chrome 87.0.4280.77(newest)
+ iPhone 10 ios14.3, chrome 87.0.4280.77

Thanks, can you test if this shows up the example.com website https://nextgenthemes.com/test-lb/

I noticed that when you tap the black area it tries to load something. So I am trying to reduce all possible things that may cause this.


No that link does not work on the iphones. They still see the black box and loading.

Do you still have this issue? Have you tried to change the Lightbox script option to lity? I just did some testing and I was not able to reproduce it with iPhone 11 and 12 (not tried a 10 yet). With either option after I thought it was about that.

If you still have this issue please try both options for lightbox script. I also prepared a testing page here https://codepen.io/nnico/full/rNWxxjP that has the two different lb scripts running on one page, something that is currently not possible with shortcodes. Please tell me if they both work or not on your iP 10 and 11 tests.


I can’t access your site’s scripts so i’m not sure how I would change them. we have tested the codepen page you made and in chrome it’s still only popping up the black box on the iphone 11. We have yet to test the 10.
Are you saying that you were able to get the correct response on a iphone 11 and 12?

You can access my sites scripts actually but let’s not get into that. What ask was if you tried to change the script OPTION. The plugin has an option on the SETTINGS PAGE where you can switch the lightbox script to lity. Did BOTH examples on the Codepen page not work for you? Yes I am saying I am getting the correct response in various never IP 11 versions, last version tested was iPhone 11 Pro Max both examples work.


That is good to know about the setting option. However, both of those Codepen options did not work on the iPhone 11 we tested.

It would be helpful if you would actually try the setting and report if it works or not, even though it is probably won’t when the codepen examples both did not work.

Tell me if both lightboxes fail now and if the example domain shows up below the two lightboxes. https://codepen.io/nnico/full/rNWxxjP. Also tell me if Lazyload works for you and if it’s just the lightbox mode that fails.