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I’ve just moved from Vimeo to self-hosting (to see $240 per year).

I thought I could get ARVE to do unmuted autoplay on Chrome (but I guess I can’t?  If you know how, PLEASE share lol).

Because of this, I’d love to use lazyload for Chrome because it gives a visual clue to click play and watch the video.  However, since Firefox and Edge doesn’t have this limitation, I would love them to use unmuted autoplay.  As I understand it, you can’t choose autoplay if you’re using lazyload.  Is there some way to get autoplay to work on Edge/Firefox but lazyload on Chrome?

I would really LOVE to do unmuted autoplay on Edge, Firefox, and Chrome — is this even possible without using Vimeo?  I’ve been doing it the last year with Vimeo and it worked great.

Thanks in advance!!

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