Tried with default theme: Yes

Tried with all other plugins disabled: Yes

Browser version: Safari 15.5, Chrome 102.0.5005.61

Shortcode/URL with the issue: https://ondemand.ctcboard.org/post/

I have 2 issues on my site https://ondemand.ctcboard.org. I would really appreciate if you could help.
1) In mobile version its displayed 2 video screens instead of one 
2) Another question is about desktop version – it doesn’t work the button -for wide the video on fullscreen 

blinyahoo Edited comment July 6, 2022

You put the wrong URL in the “Shortcode/URL with the issue” field. You are supposed to put the video that you embed in there.

Your site does not use ARVE for the embed I see on that page. I can’t tell you why the fullscreen button does not work, but it has nothing to do with my plugin, but I can confirm it does not work for me either. It has something do with the service you use for embedding it, probably.

Thanks for your response!