After this morning plugin update I needed to reset some of the settings, including the License Key (initially the lazyload didn’t work at all). A few more settings reverted to the original status (e.g Inview Lazyload option). Can you make it to remain unchanged on the plugin updates?


  • Before the update, when YouTube url is placed within the post, a thumbnail shows up immediately within the body (the same appearance as it will be upon the posting – this is useful to know / confirm in advance how exactly the article will look like). After this update there is a gray box only before posting (after posting, when checking the article – all is fine, thumbnail is there, still I would love to have it before posting too).
  • Recently I set up a custom css to have the play button in red color before hovering (only it is different transparency then the red color on hovering). It was like this: .arve-play-svg-yt-bg { fill: #bb0000; }. It worked fine but not any more after the update, now the button is back to its original black color (as said, I want it red to fit my website design).
  • Disable Links option has not been working since the update. It worked fine before. Whatever I try, upon clicking the new window (YouTube) opens.

I would appreciate your help. Otherwise I’m happy with your plugin, it does exactly what I need (or at least it was doing before the update).


Z. Jaric

Aerospace Reporter