Got the Pro plugin installed and network activated.
The documentation does not show an example of overlaying a custom title on a video (from Vimeo). I need custom HTML for the title, which I have to make look like the attached example.

The docs also mention a [arve] shortcode, which doesn’t work on my site.

 Also, the Embed Video button does not show any new options after installing Pro, nor are there any new menu items.

I’m running v5.4.1 of ARVE and v3.27 of Pro on WP 4.6.1

Example of desired video titles below. I have the HTML/CSS ready to go, just need it overlaid on the Vimeo thumbnail.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Let me that that out of the way first. Arve has a custom overlayed title in a h5 tag with the arve-title CSS class. There is also CSS with !important styles you need to overwrite with !important styles. You can customize the CSS the way you like if you know what you are doing but I will not help people with heavy customizations like this. Also arve has currently no way to add custom HTML but I could add a filter for that. Custom titles are simply activated like this [arve url="http..." title="Your Title Here"] You completely ignored the instructions on the “How to Ask” tab when opening a question. Why is that? Do other shortcodes work for you? What do [arve] shortcodes do on you site if you use them, do they show up as text? Please follow the instructions and be a bit more elaborate about your issue otherwise I am not able to help you.

I could not provide the request DEBUG INFO as my ARVE settings page does not have that section. Neither can I enter the Pro license key, as there is no such field on my settings page. Btw, I’m running a WP Multisite setup. Here’s proof the plugins are installed and active, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55363583/arve-plugins.png Here’s the first part of my ARVE settings page, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55363583/arve-settings.png Here’s a test page (admin view), https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55363583/arve-test-admin.png Same page (user view), https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/55363583/arve-test-user.png And when this all working, I do still need the ability to format my own title with HTML as follows: Step TwoDon't be shyLet't go bonkers!

Do you have BOTH plugins installed? ARVE and ARVE Pro. Pease go into your plugins folder and delete advanced-responsive-video-embedder, arve-pro, arve-pro-latest (if it exists). And reinstall the plugins. Also did you follow the insructions and disable all other plugins and swich to a default theme to check if that works? I cant access your dropbox files. Your html well gets removed here from comments sorry. I will allow HTML in the title arribute.