When I edit the article in the admin panel when I click on CTR + A and then CTR + C there is no result – no copying takes place. This happens only on pages where there is a video inserted through this plugin. It is not very convenient to select all the text with the mouse. Can you fix this bug?

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I can not help you if you do not follow the instructions giving me anything to reproduce, I do not have this issue. I can select all and copy right fine.

Hello, Nico.

I found the problem in my case. I tried change theme, and disable all plugins exept ARVE, but it did not help. So i decided to use other browsers. In my work I use Google Chrome 70.0.3538.67 (64 bit, last version) – it’s doesn’t work here. So i tried use Opera 56.0.3051.52, that was stupid because they have one core. It’s doesn’t work, of course, too. Thus I used Firefox 62.0.3 (64-bit) and it’s works pretty good.

Am I the only person who observes problems in the browsers listed above (Chrome, Opera)? Because it’s not comfortable use many browsers at work.

OK I can reproduce it now in Chromium. In fact the right click menu on text has the copy action greyed out as soon as the video itself is part of the selection, only text works fine. This is a issue with the Shortcode UI interface that is a 3rd party plugin and its in editor preview system. I will file a issue with them about this but you can simply switch to the text editor and copy everything there. I think the text editor is more practical for copy pasting because is shows videos as shortcodes anyway or is that a issue for you?

No, this is not a problem for me. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the feedback. I made the last edits in the editor and copied all the text to check for spelling mistakes. Anyway, I’ll just change the system processes in my work.

No problem, some basic info like browser and version is always helpful upfront. I filed a issue anyway just in case. You may want to track it https://github.com/wp-shortcake/shortcake/issues/802.