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Tried with default theme: No

Tried with all other plugins disabled: No

Browser version: All versions

Shortcode/URL with the issue: https://prep.primetestprep.com/elementor-9114/

Page showing the issue: https://prep.primetestprep.com/elementor-9114/

Hello,  I’d like to put a border and some shading behind the embedded videos but I noticed that there seems to be extra padding beneath the video  so the Border extends Beyond/underneath the video.  I checked the settings  and didn’t see anything that I thought I could have just so I just wanted to see if there’s anything that you think can be done so that there’s no padding.  I provided two examples on the following page to show you how there’s extra padding on the bottom of two embedded videos.  Here is the URL showing it: https://prep.primetestprep.com/elementor-9114/

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Ok – that worked perfectly – THANKS!!!