I’ve got ARVE Pro add-on. Wonderful plugin, by the way. I noticed, however, that the latest updates have broken what was otherwise a graceful failure of certain features.

For example, (and this is the biggest for me personally, but certainly not the only possible scenario) if an attachment (for thumbnail image) is unavailable, it used to simply not show an attachment, but still served the embedded video with the default thumbnail from the host (YouTube, in my example).

Now, it breaks with a message of an unavailable attachment, even for those who are NOT LOGGED IN.

Normally, I imagine that this is not a big deal for most users who run a small handful of sites, at most. In my case, I’ve got a multisite network with nearly 200 sites, each one containing videos using your awesome plugin.

The thumbnail feature wasn’t working, but it failed gracefully, and rather than spending the hours to go through every site and fix them manually, it was far easier to adjust the thumbnail on YouTube directly for our own videos. No worries, the videos displayed fine, and there was no problem for visitors.

Not anymore. Now, everyone sees the ARVE error: rather than the intended video content. Is this really necessary for non-logged-in users?

It seems unnecessarily invasive, in my view. Is it possible to implement a graceful failure in a future (hopefully soon) version?

Not sure if I understand you right. Also I was not aware of any graceful fallback, if then by accident but not by design or I don’t remember doing this. So you have a bunch of posts with shortcodes where the thumbnail is defined with [arve ... thumbnail="123"] and you deleted those attachments? “The thumbnail feature wasn’t working” please elaborate. So getting thumbnails from YT works for you but not by defining a media gallery ID or URL? Maybe its multi-site specific issue? “it was far easier to adjust the thumbnail on YouTube directly for our own videos”. If you define thumbnails on YouTube ARVE gets the automatically as you probably know. You can then remove the those thumbnail parameters, but you don’t want to do that because there are to many? Not sure what you did there. I do not think its “invasive” to tell people they point to a thumbnail that is not available. I think it would be bad not to tell them and let them assume it works as they intended. I get the idea distinguishing between logged in or not logged in users but it would make more sense to only show people who can actually edit the post the error message. Not sure if I should do this in the plugin, I can probably code a small extra plugin that filters ARVE and ignores the errors for logged in users for you.