On every page in which I have a video embedded using this ARVE Pro plugin Google Webmaster tools is giving me a 404 page not found error saying there is a link on every page that has a video on it pointing to a non existing page… they all seem to be related to this plugin.

For example the following page has a Vimeo video embedded:

Google is saying that this page is pointing to the following nonexisting page:

There is no link in that page pointing to this page at all, it is probably a link being generated by the plugin…
Below is the shortcode I used to insert the video on that page:
[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/220570695″ mode=”normal” title=”3320 Oliphant Point Loma Luxury Home” description=”Video for 3320 Oliphant Point Loma, a contemporary luxury home in San Diego, CA.” upload_date=”06/06/2017″ maxwidth=”575″]

Please advice. I tried to google it and this is related to a fallback when browsers have javascript disabled but could not find a solution. Isnt this something the plugin should be providing on the code generated by the shortcode?

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