Tried with default theme: Yes

Browser version: Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Shortcode/URL with the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9DAch7HVy8&list=PLAkv5c2eP_nHeQ1jpQEcsemfnIMGiuxMk

Page showing the issue: http://www.teamtuneup.com/team-building-corporate-training-2/

Debug Info:

ARVE Version:      8.10.4
ARVE-Pro Version:  4.0.3
WordPress Version: 5.2.2
PHP Version:       7.0.33

All In One WP Security:
ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder: 8.10.4
ARVE Pro Addon: 4.0.3
Contact Us Form: 1.1.1
Disable XML-RPC: 1.0.1
Duplicate Post: 3.2.3
Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades: 2.0.1
JCH Optimize Pro: 2.2.1
Lazy Load: 0.6.1
Media File Renamer (Auto Rename): 4.5.5
Optimus: 1.6.0
Salient Theme Fix: 1.0
Salient Visual Composer: 5.0.1
Shortcake (Shortcode UI): 0.7.4
UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore: 1.16.16
WP Mail SMTP: 1.5.2
WP SEO Structured Data Schema: 2.5.9
WP Super Cache: 1.6.9
Yoast SEO: 11.7

array(2) {
  string(8) "lazyload"
array(5) {
  string(45) "logo=0&hideInfos=1&related=0&forcedQuality=hd"
  string(29) "layout=4&height=340&width=560"
  string(21) "wmode=transparent&v=3"
  string(35) "html5=1&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0"
  string(45) "logo=0&hideInfos=1&related=0&forcedQuality=hd"
array(0) {
array(1) {

I can not update the pro plugin to the latest version. 

The error i get is:  Update Failed: The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions.

I tried the manual update, followed the instructions including setting file permissions with WP Security, and still get the error: 

The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions. node_modules, node_modules/objectFitPolyfill, node_modules/objectFitPolyfill/dist, node_modules/objectFitPolyfill/dist/objectFitPolyfill.min.js, node_modules/objectFitPolyfill/dist/objectFitPolyfill.basic.min.js, node_modules/jquery-inview, node_modules/jquery-inview/jquery.inview.min.js, node_modules/lity, node_modules/lity/dist, node_modules/lity/dist/lity.js, node_modules/lity/dist/lity.min.css, node_modules/lity/dist/lity.css, node_modules/lity/dist/lity.min.js, arve-pro.php, changelog.md, LICENSE.txt, public, public/functions-enqueue.php, public/arve-pro.min.css, public/arve-pro.min.css.map, public/arve-pro.css.map, public/functions-shortcode-filters.php, public/functions-filters.php, public/class-mobile-detect.php, public/arve-pro.js, public/arve-pro.min.js, public/functions-misc.php, public/arve-pro.css, public/functions-html-output.php, shared, shared/functions-options.php, changelog.html, admin, admin/functions-admin.php

Plugin update failed.

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