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Updating Plugin ARVE Pro Addon (1/1)

Downloading update from https://nextgenthemes.com/edd-sl/package_download/MTUzNjU1NzQ0Mzo2ZGUzZjEzZWY2MzQ1MTA1OWJmMGM2ZmJmMDRkNDg5ZDoxMjUzOjhkOGUwMTA1NzlmYWIwYjU5MDE3OGEzZDZhYzVjY2ZkOmh0dHBzQC8vc2VsbHdpdGhjb3JhbC5jb206MA==

An error occurred while updating ARVE Pro Addon: Download failed. Internal Server Error

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All updates have been completed.
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Just thought you should know. 🙂
Hope all is well.

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Sorry its bugged EDD again. The manual download from ‘my-account’ works for me so please use that while i investigate this.

The manual download (https://nextgenthemes.com/app/uploads/edd/2018/09/arve-pro-4.1.0.zip) does not work for me. Returns 404 file not found error

Manual DL works again I am just in the middle of testing different settings.