Tried with default theme: Citadela

Tried with all other plugins disabled: No

Browser version: Safari 13.1.1

Shortcode/URL with the issue: https://roguevalleyvideo.com/item/1030-n-pinnon-road-grants-pass-oregon/


We use the Yoast SEO Premium with Yoast Video SEO plugins and the ARVE plugin on our website. We recently noticed that there are many errors in the Google Search Console pertaining to all the videos we have posted with the ARVE plugin. Initially we thought these errors were SEO related and after contacting Yoast support they informed us that the errors are due to ARVE’s schema data output interfering with the Yoast video SEO plugins schema. Here is what Yoast support had to say:

Regarding these new warnings, we checked a few of the pages like this one using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and we found that the Arve plugin is outputting its own Video schema data that’s causing these errors.

If you check the results of the Google Structured Data Testing Tool above, you’ll find one “VideoObject” item that’s returning 4 errors. See attached image for reference. This is the Arve plugin schema that you want to remove, since the Video SEO plugin is already generating all of the necessary Video schema under the “WebPage” item.

We recommend that you disable the output of schema data in the Arve plugin and test the page again using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, to make sure that the VideoObject schema shown in the screenshot no longer appears.

Since we are not familiar with Arve, we recommend contacting the developer for additional information on how to disable their schema.

How can we disable the ARVE schema data output as instructed by Yoast?


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