Hi, after the recent update to W3Total Cache (0.95), the lightbox feature has stopped working for me. I just get a blank lightbox with the characters “/*]]>”

See: http://www.contemporarytheatrereview.org/2014/parodying-blurred-lines/

If I deactivate W3TotalCache it works as normal.

I’ve turned off lightbox on more recent posts so that this doesn’t affect the website too much, but could you look into this conflict? ¬†Thanks!

Debug info:
URL or Shortcode with the issue:
Link to live site with the issue:
Detailed Description of the issue:

What you are expecting and what you are seeing instead?

ARVE Version: 7.5.1
ARVE-Pro Version: 2.5.1
WordPress Version: 4.6.1
PHP Version: 5.6.26

Advanced iFrame: 7.1.3
Advanced WP Columns: 2.0.6
Akismet: 3.2
ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder: 7.5.1
ARVE Pro Addon: 2.5.1
Better WordPress reCAPTCHA: 2.0.3
Browser Rejector: 3.0
Category Posts in Custom Menu: 1.2.2
CloudFlare: 3.0.5
CloudFlare Flexible SSL: 1.2.2
COinS Metadata Exposer: 0.5
Collapse-O-Matic: 1.7.3
Contact Form 7: 4.5.1
Content Staging: 2.0.1
Debug This: 0.4
Disable Emojis: 1.5.2
Display Posts Shortcode: 2.7.0
Duplicate Post: 2.6
Duplicator: 1.1.16
DZS Parallaxer: 2.45
FD Footnotes: 1.36
Google Doc Embedder: 2.6.2
Home Categories: 0.1
Jetpack by WordPress.com: 4.3.1
Meta Slider: 3.3.7
Meta Slider Lightbox: 1.7
P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler):
Parallax Scroll by Adamrob.co.uk: 1.4
Plugin Organizer: 6.0.10
Posts By Tag: 3.2
Post Types Order:
Print Friendly and PDF: 3.5.3
Really Simple CAPTCHA: 1.9
Relevanssi: 3.5.4
Rich Text Excerpts: 1.3.3
Search box on Navigation Menu: 1.1
Shortcake (Shortcode UI): 0.7.0-alpha
Simple Fields: 1.4.11
Simple Footnotes: 0.3
Simple Footnotes Editor Button: 0.2.2
Smart Archives Reloaded: 2.0.5
Table of Contents Plus: 1601
TinyMCE and TinyMCE Advanced Professsional Formats and Styles: 1.1.2
Tippy: 6.2.1
UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore: 1.12.20
upPrev: 3.3.30
Vanilla PDF Embed: 0.0.7
W3 Total Cache: 0.9.5
WordPress HTTPS: 3.3.6
WP-Optimize: 1.9.1
WP Add Custom CSS: 1.0.0
WPFront Notification Bar: 1.7
WP Hide Post: 1.2.2
WP Lightbox 2:
WPSiteSync for Content: 1.2
WP SoundCloud Ultimate: 1.5
WP YouTube Lyte: 1.6.6
Yoast SEO: 3.6

array(1) {
string(26) “#arve-settings-section-pro”
array(0) {
array(6) {
string(45) “logo=0&hideInfos=1&related=0&forcedQuality=hd”
string(21) “height=720&width=1280”
string(21) “wmode=transparent&v=3”
string(35) “html5=1&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0”
string(68) “wmode=transparent&iv_load_policy=3&modestbranding=1&rel=0&autohide=1”
string(45) “logo=0&hideInfos=1&related=0&forcedQuality=hd”

ARVE Pro Options:
array(4) {
string(4) “none”
string(5) “valid”

What “recent update” you mean? Please give me the debug info from your settings page. Edit the initial question above.

Thanks for reporting I have yet another lazyload method in testing that is hopefully final. I have already 3 or 4 times switched it because caching plugins messed with it.