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Hi Nico, I use lightbox and when it opens up it is either the Lightbox Maximal Width in settings (OR full screen if the device’s screen width is smaller). I would like to set the LIGHTBOX setting to a specific percent or viewing width on desktops ONLY (not Mobile, etc…) so I was wondering if there is code I can insert in custom CSS area when I embed some vids to ONLY make those specific videos open light box at a given percent of of the screen width instead of the preset Lightbox Maximal Width settings. If so I would be grateful for the custom code I should insert. Again, I want to leave the settings as is for Mobile devices.

Thanks again, MikeĀ 

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Generally you can do things like this in CSS but in this case the lightbox maximal dimensions are calculated with JavaScript so you would need to change the data-lightbox-maxwidth attribute in the HTML with JavaScript. Also, this only works with a pixel value, so you can not use a wv (Viewport Width) value to make it a percentage of the screen, so you would have to manually calculate it.

Ok – thanks for your reply Nico. It’s still great as is.