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I text you earlier … I really need Help . Why my old video after got this message.

ARVE Error: Invalid URL http://bsquare.se/wp-content/uploads/20-21/Khomchenko/Pavel Khomchenko Angle 1 23 Feb 2021.mp4 in url

The video works fine but i don’t like this error.

I upload new videos and skip the space between the word then i looks fine again. But is it some settings that’s can help to get away this error. for me is stage that the old version works but not the new ..

Do you have some solutions for this .. I have paid for pro version..


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Stop opening new questions, I replied to your other question, you did not reply on the site! You instead keep spamming me through my contact from and open a new question again. Why? I will ignore your contact form stuff because it CLEARLY says it’s NOT for support.

I understand your issue now, it’s about spaces in the URL. These URLs are in fact wrong as per specification rfc2396. I use FILTER_VALIDATE_URL from PHP to check the URLs in ARVE. It happens that moderns browsers are able to work with these wrong URLs anyway, but other robots on the internet may not.

You would probably better off renaming all your videos and only use the allowed characters in the files. You can bulk rename them with some tool. In theory, I could remove the check from ARVE and your videos will probably work fine, but I am not sure if I want to do this as the URLs are in fact invalid URLs with spaces in them. You can use dashes or underscores.