How to Embed (Self Hosted) HTML5 Video With ARVE

With Shortcode UI Dialog

Single file format:
Open the ‘[arve] Embed Video’ dialog put your URL to the file you want show to the into the very first ‘URL/Emebed code’ field.

Multiple file formats:
Open the ‘[arve] Embed Video’ dialog put your URLs to the files in the appropriate mp4/webm/ogv fields at the bottom of the dialog.

Manually Writing Shortcodes

WordPress supports self hosted video with its [video] shortcode. With a syntax like this

[video mp4="http://example/video.mp4" webm="http://example/video.webm" ogv="http://example/video.ogv" ...]

or just this if you want just to host one file format.

[video src="http://example/video.mp4" ...]

ARVE Supports the very same syntax with its [arve] shortcode. It is also so smart to create a <video> embed if you just paste a URL that ends with .mp4/.m4v/.webm/.ogv into the first field so

[arve url="http://example/video.mp4"]

will work.

Differences Between ARVE and WP’s [video]
  1. No Flash support. The ‘Take over [video]‘ option will ignore shortcodes when they have the ‘flv’ parameter set.
  2. Does not load a JavaScript library to create a player UI like WP does (it loads mediaelement.js). ARVE however as of now will be more lightweight and just use the browsers native HTML5 players. Meaning there will be differences across browsers and devices but this also makes sure the user experience is great for wherever its displayed. Chrome has a light control-bar, Firefox has a dark one to mention one difference.