How Lazyload Works in ARVE

On desktops

On pageload ARVE Pro loads just a thumbnail image, title and play icon (all optional). The actual player is loaded when the thumbnail is clicked. The video will start to play as soon as the player loads.

On mobiles

Since ARVE Pro 3.0 there is a new way Lazyload works on mobiles. A workaround for the problem that very few people got very upset about. The fact that mobile browsers prevent autoplay caused the need to touch lazyloaded video twice. First time to load the player, and seconds time to start playing the video.

Videos will now load themselves as soon as they come into view, a lazyload technique often used for images. This will prevent mobile users to see possible custom thumbnails or titles but your site will still have the speed benefits of lazyload when there are multiple videos on a page or the first video is further down the page.