ARVE Pro Changelog

2017-08-12 4.0.3
  • Fix: Prevent a PHP notice.
  • Fix: Vimeo private videos showing 404 API errors instead of videos.
  • Improved: Renamed "Grow on click" to "Expand on click" in dialog. Better English right?
2017-05-04 4.0.1
  • Fixed: inview-lazyload not working correctly.
2017-05-04 4.0.0
  • New: 'volume' attribute takes 1-100 for HTML5 video.
  • Improved: Simplified the inview-lazyload option to on/off - was getting to complicated. On uses it when it makes sense (on all mobiles, and when there is no thumbnail detected or set).
  • Improved: Scripts like inview and lity lightbox are now only loaded when they are actually needed.
  • Improved: Pointer cursor when hovering over the thumbnails, for themes that do not already add it.
2017-04-30 3.9.5
  • Code needed for the new way ARVE handles sandbox
  • Updated objectFitPolyfill
2017-04-03 3.9.4
  • Fix: Deals with other crappy coded plugins that load the Mobile_Detect class without checking if its already loaded.
  • Improved: Make sure ARVE Pro always loads its own, possible more up to date version of Mobile_Detect
  • Improved: Updated that Mobile_Detect class.
  • Improved how aspect ratio is handled with HTML5 videos.
2017-03-25 3.9.3
  • Fix: Licensing storage mess. Some users may have to reenter their keys on the licensing page when updating form very old versions.
  • Improved: Better Browser support by using Autoprefixer with the config from bootstrap
  • Some minor code improvements.
2017-03-20 3.9.2
  • Fix: Broken CSS.
2017-03-20 3.9.1
  • Fix: Lightboxes with not html5 videos did not close.
2017-03-20 3.9.0
  • Fix: Lightboxes are now sized correctly.
  • Fix: HTML5 videos in lightbox mode could not be opened twice.
  • Improved: HTML5 video now automatically pauses when lightboxes are closes and resume when reopened.
  • Improved: Now minified files are served when WP_DEBUG is not true
2017-03-12 3.8.4
  • Improved: Removed incorrect href on
  • Fix: Updated objectFitPolyfill to newest version.
  • Fix: Updated objectFitPolyfill to newest version, last version had a bug that caused it to fail.
  • Fix missing object-fit-polyfill files
  • Fixed unintended autoplay for html5 videos when using inview-lazyload.
  • CSS improvements.
  • CSS is now again loaded only when there is actually a video in the page.
  • Fixed incompatibility with divi theme
  • New Feature: Use youtube channel URL in [arve] shortcode to get the latest video (cached/updated hourly)
  • Updated Lity and Mobile Detect
  • Fixed wrong path for CSS file that loads in the WP editor
  • Improved 404 error message for API calls and makes it filterable