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About this Business

This site is build and operated by me, Nicolas Jonas. A self taught WordPress developer who is a bit overwhelmed with all of this and likes to focus more on programming and support and leave marketing to someone better at it.

Current main product, is ARVE Pro. And there is theme framework and themes in the works, the alpha version powers this site.

About the Job

Part time, remote, extremely flexible self managed working hours. High possibility on a long time work relationship.

Brand / Products with good potential there is pretty much no marketing done outside or the ARVE Pro admin screens. You will have the freedom to use social media or other means to sell the products, you can even experiment with things and pick whats works best. There are no specific deadlines or hard set goals written in numbers but there should be a measurable improvement in sales.

What will be expected from you

You should have experience in in digital marketing, ideally active in the WordPress world.

Help build up and grow this companies sales and profile. Have skills, ideas and fun growing it.

  • Be about to work without askign to much questions, if in doubt just go for it and ask later.
  • Build the NextGenThemes brand (not ruling out a complete name/URL change, not super satisfied with the name).
  • Marketing ARVE Pro by effective means.
  • Build a social media profile on Twitter, and a little bit of Facebook.
  • Marketing for the upcoming Theme Framework.
  • Help in finding the right name for that Framework.
  • General marketing strategy, advice on how to proceed.
  • I am considering crowd-funding because currently I am operating on savings while I try to improve sales (with you) and work on the upcoming theme framework and themes build on it. But I am not sure if that will resonate or even has a negative impression on people or what site to use for that …
  • Community engagement, I would love to get more PRs on Github or more people willing to translate the plugin on and things like that.


Starting slow, possibly getting bigger later. Currently aiming at around ~250€ a month payed ~62.5€ weekly. As mentioned this job is very flexible so this will depend on how many hours you work on it and what your hourly rate is.


Keep it brief, include only your past work experience that is relevant this job. Look around and tell me how you would start and what you would do to improve sales. How many you hours you will work a month. If you are willing to screen capturing that is a huge plus so I do not have to blindly trust a stranger. This will also be posted to job sites, some of them have their own apps for that, but I prefer to cut down the middleman if possible. Profiles on job sites are good, any public records that tell something about you.

Looking forward to hear from you through the contact form.

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