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Bootstrap based WordPress themes done right

I noticed the years ago of this, nothing came from it, apparently they were unable to reproduce.

There is some (stupid) custom code in the headers that pics the larger banners that are 1544x500px in size are only displayed if the pixel density is 1.5+ and some dpi condition that is not applying to my normal full HD screen. The 772×250 banner is loaded. The plugin banner-sizes are actually wrong for redesign and only fitted the old design but if they can’t introduce new sizes then at least the 1544×500 should be loaded instead of stretching out the 772×250 banner.

Today I noticed again how blurred by new banner actually looks. See me triggering the background sizing to show how big the image actually is and how its stretched out. The worst part is that the bigger banners are there and a dead simple img tag with a srcset attribute would suffice instead of this custom code they are running.

Animated header example.
Should be animated. Is a bit shrink-ed here, click for full size.

Very strange that over the years many many people have been looking at those blurred headers. Can’t be just me spotting this, its pretty obvious.