Reporting Issues for Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Before you post a support thread you should do the following to make sure the issue is not because of a conflict with a plugin or theme.

  1. Switch your Theme to a unmodified version of a WordPress default Theme (Twenty Eleven/Twelve/Fourteen).
  2. Disable all plugins except ARVE
  3. If the issue is gone switch your Theme back and check if the issue is now there again. If still gone enable your other plugins one by one to identify where the conflict is. If now have identified a conflict please ask the Theme/Plugin developer of the conflicting theme/plugin instead/first before reporting a issue with ARVE.

Reporting a Issue

  1. Please read the Forum Welcome for now almost all this are taken as rules for the Nextgenthemes questions and answer site.
  2. Please show some effort that make helping you easy.
  3. Search the Q&A site if there is already a thread that may have a solution to your problem.
  4. Start a question on the Q&A site. Put as much information in your post as possible.
    1. Choose a good title.
    2. Create a new dedicated page (not intended for the usual visitor) for purpose of showing the problem. On this page please recreate your problem by using the exact URL(s) or Shortcode(s) you have problems with. Also please include the [arve_tests] shortcode on that page and leave that page untouched in that problematic state. Link to this page in your thread.
    3. Detailed information of your issue. What you are expecting and what you are seeing instead.
    4. Information of what you already tried
    5. Plugin version. Do not use ‘latest’.
    6. Browser Version / Device (not necessary needed if you use a mayor up-to-date browser but can be helpful)
    7. Optional but helpful: Get to know what a JavaScript console is, look for possible errors inside your Firebug/Devtools/… and post them.